AC to DC Linear Power Kit

Wall Wart” Replacement Kit

This is to replace all the small AC to DC power supplies you have

Part 1 – West Mountain Radio RIGrunner DC Outlet Panels RR/4005

DC Outlet Panel, 40A, RR/4005, RIGrunner 4005, Rubber Feet, Adhesive Pad – 5 DC available outlets – (You need only 1 unit)

Rig Runner

Part 2 – Bussmann ATC Blade Fuses ATC3 (3 amps) (you need 5 pieces because most DC requirements are less than 2 amps- the fuses included in the Rig Runner 4005 are too large for a typical router or switch, however leave the fuse that comes with the Rig Runner in the first position)

3 Amp Fuse





Part 3 – West Mountain Radio Power Supply Cables PS/CBL3 – You only need one cable of this type.

Power Supply Cable, DC, 40 A, Red/Black, 10 AWG, 1/4 in. Ring Terminals to Powerpoles, 3 ft. Length

 Part 4 – Astron Power Supply RS-12M

Linear Power Supply

Power Supply, Linear, Regulated, Dual Meter, 12 A at 13.8 Vdc Peak Output, 120 Vac Input


Part 5 – MFJ 5513M Accessory Power Cables MFJ-5513M – You need one cable per device.

Cable, DC Accessory, 2.1mm to PowerPoles, 2A, 24 AWG Red and Black, 3 ft

Power Adapter Cable

Part 6 – (optional for charging phones) USBbuddy, Portable Powerpole (12V) to USB (5V) Converter and Device Charger – You need one adapter per system


Cell Phone Charger Cable

Convert any existing Powerpole source into a USB device charging power port. A powerful 3 amp output provides the fastest charging possible on iPads and other tablets. Input voltage 10-32VDC. Output 5V @ 3A. Compatible with iPhones, iPods, iPads and more.