Customer Testimonials and Real Results

The following are a series of oscilloscope traces and customer testimonials, all I can say is a picture from the scope is very telling not to mention the improved health effects.

Carol Garcia Testimony

Watch this testimony from Carol Garcia. She has EHS and the Sine Tamer really helped her.

If you want to download this video copy the link below.

Lexi McKnight Testimony

Here is another customer that had problems sleeping at her moms home in Florida. The Sine Tamer solved this problem, This home had a ITRON C1S opt out meter on the home that some have stated is considered a safe meter. This may not be true. Watch Alexi McKnight’s testimony here.

You can download this video here.

Donna Ott Testimony

Here is another customer that contacted me because she had an ITRON Open Way AMI (Smart Meter) using a mesh network on her home. She could not understand what was wrong because she had installed Stetzer filters throughout the house. The Sine Tamer solved one of the major problems of heart arrhythmia’s, heart pains, and some tinnitus. She still has to deal with the RF emissions and she will be relocating the meter about 100 feet from the house to eliminate this issue.  You will have to pardon Magnus the cat that wanted to be in on the act!

You can download this video here at the link below.

Marcy Sheenan’s Testimony

Marcy Sheenan’s Home before the Sine Tame is installed and after the sine tame is installed. She has a regular radiating ITRON AMI Meter from DTE, in Michigan

Marcy Sheenan House before filter install 1 3-20-2018

Marcy Sheenan House After filter Install 2 4-20-2018

Here is a video testimony from Marcy regarding the install of the Sine Tamer on her home.

You can download this video at the link below.

Another short video of the Sine Tamer in Action

More customers …

Irene Robinson’s home

Here is another customer Irene Robinson’s Home before the Sine Tamer is installed and after the sine tame is installed. She has an Opt Out Non Radiating  ITRON AMI Meter from DTE, in Michigan.

Irene Robnson Before filter install

Irene Robinson after filter install

Carol Garcia’s Home

Here is another customer Carol Garcia before the Sine Tamer is installed and after the sine tame is installed. She has an Opt Out Non Radiating  ITRON AMI Meter from DTE, in Michigan.

This is before the filter was installed.

Carols Garcia House before filter install 2-27-2018

This is after the filter was installed.

Carols Garcia House after Sine Tamer installed 11-12-2018

Donna Ott’s Home in Reading, PA

Here is another customer Donna Ott before the Sine Tamer is installed and after the Sine Tamer is installed. She has an Radiating  ITRON AMI Meter from Met Edison, in Reading, PA. Unfortunately there is no opt provision in PA.  Donna was severely affected by both the RF and the DE from the Smart Meter.  She reported her heart palpitations and heart pain subsided after the Sine Tamer was installed.  She still has issues with the RF from the Itron Smart Meter, which is to be resolved by remotely mounting the meter enclosure about 300 feet from the side of her house.  I realize not everyone can do that but since there is no opt out in PA there is not many other options.

This is before the Sine Tamer filter was installed.

This after the Sine Tamer filter is installed

Alexi McKnioght

Here is a customer testimonial from Alexi McKnight regarding the Sine Tamer on her mothers home.


I just wanted to provide some feedback on the sine tamer.  I ordered it for my mother because I had been unable to sleep in her house in Florida, even though she has an opt-out meter—the Itron C1S meter.  This problem was consistent, every time I went to visit her I could not sleep. It was reminiscent of the time I was totally unable to sleep in my own house the other year when I had a smart meter installed.  So the most recent visit was the same story, no sleep for the first few days.  Then the Sine Tamer arrived and was immediately installed by an electrician.  That night I fell asleep very easily, and I slept all night long!!…and every night since for the rest of the week, I slept like a baby every single night.  It was magic.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Alexia McKnight, DVM, DACVR
McKnight Insight, LLC
Equine and Small Animal MRI interpretation and consultation
258 Heyburn Rd.
Chadds Ford, PA  19317

Alexi Customer Reference – The Sine Tamer

Deb Byran Testimony 2-12-2019 – Deb also has the Sine Tamer installed on her home.

After 4 years of electrical problems and just as many electricians in my home, the answer was always the same, everything looks good.  Two stoves stopped working, light bulbs burning out, dishwasher stopped working, circuit breakers would trip or completely become non functional. Hardwired smoke detectors malfunctioning and burning out.  I felt dismayed and angry, how could nothing be wrong!  How could this be happening with an updated panel and a rewired home?

This is where I sought out Bill.  He listened, not dismissing my concerns.  Bringing in his equipment he found multiple problems, that electricians could not find and/or dismissed.  He followed up with a list of changes that needed to be done and graphs.  Most importantly, he discovered a corrupt neutral from the electrical pole.  Armed with Bill’s information after the changes were made in my home, I called the utility company.  They came out and one of them did say, that it was a corrupt neutral and the house next to mine (that had a fire 2 years ago), had an open neutral, their home could have, and would have caught on fire again.

Bill explained that having an open neutral and a corrupt neutral for 4 years does destroy the transformer.  After 2 months of going toe to toe with the utility company, they put in a new transformer.  My electrical has been stable since.  I wouldn’t have had this knowledge if Bill hadn’t educated me on these issues.  I’m deeply grateful for his teaching skills, not dismissing me, and coming up with an understandable, doable game plan.

Deb Bryan

Analog Meter Baseline example

Here is an Analog meter oscilloscope trace from an analog style meter. The Sine Tamer will restore your home to as near to an analog meter operation as close as you can get. Here is the photo of an Analog Meter Oscilloscope Trace.

Electro Mechanical Meter Baseline at 200mv scale

I have an Analog meter on home so I am safe, right?

Some people feel that since they have a regular old “dial” style Analog meter on their home they feel safe, unfortunately it depends if you are sharing a transformer at the pole  or underground transformer with any of your neighbors. Here is a customer in PA that thought they were safe. However the oscilloscope tells a very different story, they had an analog meter on their house but were sharing the same transformer with a neighbor that had an Aclara Meter. It is interesting to see how easily we can fool ourselves without real data to back it all up.

Note this is an Aclara meter at the Janette Bachman home in PA and this home has no filter installed.

Jannete Bachman Readings on a shared trasnformer

Other customer experiences –

Here are a couple of added testimonials from people that have installed the Sine Tamer.

Testimonial Mackenzie EMF’s 2018-06-15

Vancover Island Smart Meter testimonial