Customer Testimonials and Real Results

The following are a series of oscilloscope traces and customer testimonials, all I can say is a picture from the scope is very telling not to mention the improved health effects.

Marcy Sheenan’s Home before the Sine Tame is installed and after the sine tame is installed. She has a regular radiating ITRON AMI Meter from DTE, in Michigan

Marcy Sheenan House before filter install 1 3-20-2018

Marcy Sheenan House After filter Install 2 4-20-2018

Here is another customer Irene Robinson’s Home before the Sine Tamer is installed and after the sine tame is installed. She has an Opt Out Non Radiating  ITRON AMI Meter from DTE, in Michigan’s

Irene Robnson Before filter install

Irene Robinson after filter install

Here is an Analog meter oscilloscope trace from an analog style meter. The Sine Tamer will restore your home to as near to an analog meter operation as close as you can get. Here is the photo.

analog Meter Baseline at 200mv scale


Some people feel that since they have a regular old “dial” style Analog meter on their home they feel safe, unfortunately it depends if you are sharing a transformer at the pole  or underground transformer with any of your neighbors. Here is a customer in PA that thought they were safe. However the oscilloscope tells a very different story, they had an analog meter on their house but were sharing the same transformer with a neighbor that had an Aclara Meter. It is interesting to see how easily we can fool ourselves without real data to back it all up.

Jannete Bachman Readings on a shared trasnformer


Here are a couple of testimonials from people that have installed the Sine Tamer.

Testimonial Mackenzie EMF’s 2018-06-15

Vancover Island Smart Meter testimonial