Michigan MPSC Rule Changes

New MPSC rule interpretation. You only have a limited time to apply for this exemption. I was told the deadline is Jan 16, 2018, however that may not be accurate. I am not the MPSC or the Utility.

Working through MI Senator Patrick Colbeck, who is running for Governor in 2018 he has reached out to the MPSC to have them properly interpret their rules regarding shut offs by Consumers Energy and DTE to consumers that have been threatened with power cutoffs or have been cutoff for refusing a Smart Meter installation. Those customers can apply for an exemption if a member of the household is over age 65 from this draconian policy that the utilities in Michigan have been doing for a while now.

Included in a PDF file that describes the program and a link to this new MPSC rule interpretation.

R460.149. Revised MPSC Rules – In Michigan Only

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