The “Iron Maiden I”

We created this product to aid our friends and neighbors to protect themselves from the pulsing RF signal coming from a Smart Meter. It is much more effective than the typical wire mesh meter guards. In our testing the RF signal is still significant when using these mesh meter guards. The metal mesh meter guard does reduce the RF a bit, but many of our customers still report feeling these RF effects.

What is different a bout the “Iron Maiden”?

It is made of solid 1/16 inch steel not mesh wire. It is powder coated painted for long life in the elements, has a 3/4 inch hole blocked by two different mesh patterns which allows just enough RF to leak out so the utility can remotely read the meter. It effectively blocks out 99% of the RF by reducing the signal by over 50 dB. The unit weighs 7 lbs. It mounts with four steel screws firmly attaching to the meter plate complete;y covering the meter. This unit is fully legal because it still lets the utility to remotely read the meter. But just barely enough signal to do the job. One important feature of the Iron Maiden is that on the inside it is fully covered on all sides with an RF absorbing fabric, that soaks up the RF not just bouncing the RF around so the signal does not reflect back into the home from the backside of the meter.

We have an “Iron Maiden II” that has the 3/4 inch hole on the side of the unit. This is for customers that want the RF signal to project the RF out to the street and not directly at your neighbor.

Tools you will need:

You will need a electric drill, a 3/16 drill bit, and a Phillips screwdriver. The unit comes with section of double faced outdoor rated tape to help you place the unit to temporarily mount it while you drill the screw holes. Please note this tape is very temporary. Four stainless steel screws to mount this unit are included.

What does the” Iron Maiden” costs?

Pricing is still pending.

Here is what it looks like.