Which filter to chose? Sine Tamer or the DNA filter?

Many people come to this site and want to know which filter to buy. Here is some key criteria to consider.

  1. The Sine Tamer is most effective in a home that is tied to grid but does not have solar in their home or a close neighbor that may have solar. I have a file here that you can review on how the two filters compare in a grid fed home that has no solar influences. We have single phase and three phase Sine Tamers, bit 99% of all only need the single phase listed on our site. There are no capacitors in the Sine Tamer and for those that have tried the more common plug in filters or other capacitor based filters with issues such as burned out appliances or burned out standby generators, flickering lights and strong magnetic fields the Sine Tamer is the only product on the market that does not create a magnetic field or leading voltages like most capacitor based units create. Power consumed is 80 Mill-amps to drive the two LED’s in the unit. Cost is $1,264.94 USD this is inclusive of all taxes and shipping.
  2. For a Solar based home and the DNA line of filters there is a somewhat more or a detailed analysis required to determine the right model to use. But it mostly whether your home has a grid tied solar system or your home is off grid. If you are using an gird tied solar system then we usually recommend the RxDNA V2X filter, We have had good results with most grid tied solar systems. You can see the report on this here on this page. The RxDNA V2X filter is a parasitic type filter and not an in line filter. Power consumed is 1 amp reactive, or about 100 Mill-amps amps in real power. Cost is $1,855.15 USD this is inclusive of all taxes and shipping.
  3. For an off grid home we usually recommend the In Line DNA filters. An inline filter is very different than any other filter, here the entire amperage load is filtered. This is because the inverters of this class create huge volumes of transients beyond any thing found in a grid tied solar system. If you are off grid or have a very large gird tied system this is the only product on the market that will do the job. In this case you need to know the amperage rating of the inverter output, most are 30 amp AC, 50 amp AC or 100 or 80 amps AC. You can tell this by looking at the label of the breaker in your power panel that comes from your inverter. We need to consult with you prior to purchase so we provide the best recommendation. Cost vary from $4,500 to $15,000

Here is a link to the file comparing the DNA filter to the Sine Tamer in a utility fed gird only home.


Here are some key images from this report.

This image is before any filters were installed. Here the GS units were 87.

Here is it with the DNA filter installed. The GS units were 49.

Here is the image with only a Sine Tamer installed. The GS units were 45.

The above image in a frequency spectral image showing between 0 – 500 kHz Here is the PICO scope frequency image before any filter was installed, please there are transients present at frequencies below and above the range of the Stetzer meter capabilities. So while the Stetzer meter read 87 it is likely the real number is much higher because the Stetzer meter misses the transients below 10 kHz and above 100 kHz, that unfortunately is the limitation of this type of meter. Since literately there are thousands of these meters on the market, I am always asked how much improvement will I see on my Stetzer meter? Well unless you have the proper scope and ancillary equipment this is very hard to know. but for certain what the Stetzer meter indicates may not be the full picture. I know plenty of people who have GS units below 50 and are still very sick.

Here is the spectral frequency chart from a PICO scope image with the DNA Model RxDNA V2X filter installed. GS units were 49. Note the dramatic improvement in suppression.

The image above is after the Sine Tamer was installed. Here the GS units were 45. Note the noise floor of this image is about 7 dB below what the DNA filter produced. This is very good.

Here are some scope images of a Solar home in what is commonly called a “Grid Tied Solar” system.

“Grid Tied Solar” system mages.

The above is a before install of a DNA RxDNA V2X filter. this was on a sunny day with all the breakers on and with a grid tied solar inverter. This measured 1, 775 GS unit on a Stetzer meter.

The above scope image is after the DNA Model RxDNA V2X was installed. The solar system was running and it was the same sunny day within a minute or two of the previous image. You note the dramatic image change. This now measured 70 GS units on a Stetzer meter. This is excellent and below 400 mill-volts of transients and for a solar system this is amazing.

I hope this helps explain this all a little better, if you have any further questions just give us a call at 256-570-5434 or email us at sales@defiltersllc.com